1. Introduction

    Our company was founded in 1984 as a private enterprise.

    Primarily we were concerned with the maintenance and renewal of elevators. However, our main activity was converting the single call plants of council estates into full collective systems. At the beginning we used our own developed relay controllers, later PMMf-Villgép developed units. We also supplied quality control and repair works for Mikrolift Ltd as a subcontractor.

    Our company transformed into an Ltd in 1992 with two main activities: building automation and elevator maintenance and repair. In 1998 the company split in two along these activities.

    1998 was a milestone in our company’s life. Up to this point we produced control units only for our own business, but in 1998 we started to manufacture for other companies. At the beginning we used imported electric control cards (Witronik, MicroBasic), after year 2000 we started to use a control card developed in Hungary called ECU. 65-70% percent of the company’s revenue came from manufacturing, and the remaining 30-35% came from renewal and maintenance.


    With the help of the innovation tender of New Hungary Development Plan that we won in 2008, we started to develop an elevator control system. The development covered the design of electric control units, shaft equipments, hall stations, faceplates and load sensors. The modular system design is a great step in the modernization of existing elevators. Our controllers are suitable for the entire range of elevators form the small cargo elevators to the high-speed office building elevators.

    Our company is member of the Hungarian Elevator Association and the Lift-S Union.